The Plains region is the sixth largest industrial gas market out of the eight regions in the US, and revenues generated by the commercial industrial gas market in the Plains amounted to just under $1.7bn in 2019. That amount is a jump from $1.14bn in 2009, indicating an average annual growth rate of 4%.

The region’s economy has historically relied on arable farming and cattle ranching to drive growth, but since 2000, the Plains region has diversified its output with the ongoing oil boom in North Dakota, which is the second largest oil producer in the US.

Industrial gas business

The largest share of the region’s industrial gas market is occupied by the country’s largest company, Air Liquide (AL), with a share of about 27% (~ $450m). As Airgas, an Air Liquide company, has a well developed packaged gases business in the region, about 75% of AL revenue in 2019 was accounted by packaged gases.  

Linde plc holds the second largest share in the Plains region, 24%, with revenue of about $411m. Packaged gas business has the largest share of Linde’s portfolio, accounting for just over 44% of the revenue. Onsite business also holds a significant 11% of Linde revenue due to the network of merchant/supply scheme ASUs, with a good number of oxygen/nitrogen generators and a stake in the region’s carbon dioxide (CO2)market. Most of this came from the Praxair leadership maintained in the region before Linde’s acquisition of Praxair last year.

Air Products occupied the third largest share, with revenues of $155m in 2019 – equivalent to a 9% share. Air Products’ main share in the company portfolio is occupied by…

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