In recent weeks there have been two significant developments in the Middle-East. Firstly, Foster Wheeler AG announced a contract with ADCO, while refrigeration is burgeoning.

Foster Wheeler’s Global Engineering and Construction Group has signed a consultancy contract with Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO). The contract is hoped to ensure the expansion and development of the Bab and Qusahwira Fields in the United Arab Emirates.

Umberto della Sala, President and Chief Operating Officer at Foster Wheeler AG commented, “Foster Wheeler looks forwards to further developing our long-standing relationship with ADCO. We fully appreciate the importance of this multi-field infrastructure project.”

Refrigeration also seems to be a peaking concern across the Middle East. For instance, the worlds’ tallest building, the Burj Dubai, now supplies chilled water for the Burj Dubai, Dubai Mall and two prestige hotels.

Consequently the chilling demands are intense. Within the Burj Dubai heat exchangers sit at three elevations, while the chillers installed on the 155th and 159th floors are reported to be the highest air-cooled chillers globally.