Grasys has supplied 2 mobile nitrogen stations in the MA series, designated for the provision of explosion and fire safety at the Sibirginskaya mine, to OJSC Yuzhny Kuzbass and each of the nitrogen stations supplied are rated to produce 1,000 nm3/hr of 97% nitrogen.

These products will be the highest-capacity nitrogen stations in Russia, while neither Russia nor the CIS has previously seen any equipment in this class.

Notwithstanding their high capacity, Grasys stations are compact in size, lightweight, fully automated and highly mobile, as well as being unparalleled both in Russia and CIS. The manufacture of these nitrogen stations was based on the most up-to-date membrane air separation technology, which means that, due to the incorporation of this technology, Grasys’ stations combine compactness (all station equipment is installed on a single platform in a standard container), high performance, reliability and ease of operation.

The stations are mounted inside a heated container, which makes it possible to operate across various climatic zones, including cold and moderate microclimatic regions. Mobile nitrogen stations may be provided in the truck version to be transported to any remote work site.