Airgas, Inc announced that prices on bulk and packaged gases among other products and services will experience overall increases.
The changes will take place from 1st June 2010, or as contracts permit. Prices are anticipated to increase as follows;
• 6 – 9% for all bulk and packaged industrial, medical and speciality gases
• 5 – 10% for cylinder and bulk tank rental rates
• 3 – 6% for welding hard-goods and safety products
Airgas attributes the rise to increasing costs of raw materials, fuel, labour, while benefits have led to mounting product costs from suppliers as well as operating costs at Airgas plants and distribution facilities.

Additionally, Airgas has seen higher prices for welding hard-goods and safety products, cylinders, bulk tanks, gas handling plants and equipment, in addition to rising costs of regulatory compliance; all of which exacerbated the fluctuation.
Airgas Chairman and Chief, Executive Officer Peter McCausland, commented, “Nearly two years have passed since our last across-the-board price increase, and the pace of cost increases is now accelerating as the economy recovers.” He continued, “Airgas associates are working hard every day to meet our customers’ needs.”