Processing Sensing Technologies (PST) has launched its SenzTx Oxygen Transmitter, a re-branded product for accurate oxygen concentration measurement.

Unveiling details of the product, the UK-based company said its compact design hopes to allow for easy integration, with an option of process connections for inline and extractive measurement applications.

The SenzTx is suitable for use within numerous applications including oxygen and nitrogen gas generation, glove box purge and leak detection, industrial gas applications, and measurement solutions for medical gases.

With the innovation, customers have a choice of zirconia or electrochemical sensor technology for a broad measurement capability with transmitters covering the ranges of measurement from 0-10ppm up to 100% oxygen.

The zirconia sensor offers fast response time from ambient oxygen levels with virtually no drift, has long calibration intervals, and a long operational life with very little user intervention.

Alternatively, electrochemical sensor performs measurements at ambient temperatures enabling oxygen measurements in combustible gases such as Hydrogen or a process gas containing hydrocarbons.

SenzTx Zirconia_Electrochemical

Source: Processing Sensing Technologies