CPV Manufacturing’s parent company Admiral Valve has selected Prochem Pipeline Products as its authorised representative in the countries of Australia and New Zealand.

Prochem will represent the entire CPV product line for the compressed gas industry, the petrochemical industry, the oil and gas industry, and both the commercial & Department of Defence shipbuilding industries.

David London, President of CPV, said, “Prochem is a PON Company and a sister organisation to our Master Distributor in the United States, W&O Supply. We expect that Prochem will exhibit the same market leadership in Australia and New Zealand that we have seen with W&O in the USA. That savvy and market presence will allow us to better service the needs of our customers there.”

About Prochem Pipeline Products

For more than 60 years, Prochem has been working closely with industry to supply superior stainless steel piping products, specialist valve solutions and mechanical instrumentation components.

As a stocking distributor for fittings, flanges, pipe, tube and valves, the company offers its customers the ‘The Prochem Advantage’ to set it apart from its competitors. Prochem also offers custom manufacturing of specialty components and fittings.