Production Control Services Inc. (PCS) recently introduced its new 3DSO™ plunger arrival sensor for plunger lift wells. Mounted on the surface lubricator, the 3DSO detects the plunger’s arrival and activates the controller to the appropriate mode for gas sales or shut-in.

The arrival sensor’s proprietary technology represents significant improvements in plunger arrival sensing.

Driven by an embedded microprocessor, the 3DSO continually self-calibrates to filter out environmental noise. It uses advanced 3-D technology—like that used in military and navigation applications—to detect the plunger’s arrival. By sensing the plunger in three coils in three axes (X, Y and Z), the sensor is able to more accurately detect plunger arrival.

Designed for long term durability in the field, the sensor features a rugged aluminum housing that won’t flex when installed and potted electrical components to protect against harsh weather conditions.