The Annual General Meeting of Tier One giant, The Linde Group, was held today, in which the German corporation reappointed Prof. Wolfgang Reitzle back into its fold.

Reitzle resigned from Linde back in May 2014 after 11 years in authority as CEO. He had previously been recommended to become Chairman of the Supervisory Board in 2014, but was unable to do so immediately due to corporate governance rules in Germany.

However, Reitzle, who was also officially elected as a shareholder representative in today’s meeting, will take up his position with effect from 21st May 2016, on the expiry of the legally required two-year cooling-off period.

Also as planned, Dr. Manfred Schneider will resign from the Supervisory Board and his position as the current Chairman with effect from 20th May 2016. A press release stated that he will “cease to be a member” from that date.