Foster Wheeler AG joins with ENDESA and CIUDEN to support carbon capture and storage (CCS) technical power plant in Spain.

The grant agreement draws upon EU funding to support CCS technical development at an oxy-combustion plant in Spain. The contract stipulates the terms of 180 MEUR of EU funding under the EC’s European Energy Program for Recovery (EERP). It aims to support the carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology development applicable to a 300 MWe oxy-combustion power plant in Spain.

This constitutes one of six European CCS projects to be funded under the EERP. However, this scenario is the only project to utilise circulating fluidized-bed (CFB) technology. Based on preliminary positive geological surveys the facility is expected to be located in ENDESA’s Compostilla plant site.

The core objective of the scheme is to demonstrate various aspects of a commercial scale supercritical oxy-combustion CFB power plant. It specifically incorporates CO2 capture, transport and storage in an underground saline aquifer for a wide range of domestic and imported coals, petroleum cokes and biomass.

Foster Wheeler’s Finish and Spanish subsidiaries have combined with ENDESA Generacion and CIUDEN to support the first phase of this Spanish CCS project. At the centre of the coal-fired CCS plant will be Foster Wheeler’s advanced Flexi-Burn™ CFB technology, capable of operating either in a conventional or a carbon capture mode.

Tomas Harju-Jeanty, President and CEO of Foster Wheeler Energia Oy, remarked, “Foster Wheeler’s Flexi-Burn™ CCS technology is designed to easily transition between conventional and CCS modes while utilising the CFB combustion platform to provide wide fuel flexibility, including carbon-neutral fuels like biomass.”

Eric Svendsen, President and CEO of Foster Wheeler Energia S.L.U., responded to the announcement saying, “This is an important milestone in the commercial development of CCS technology and is the next step in the collaborative research and development and feasibility work undertaken by ENDESA, CIUDEN and Foster Wheeler. We are fortunate to have such strong team members and offer our full support behind this important project.”