Proton Energy Systems, the Connecticut hydrogen producer, unveils its new HOGEN C Series hydrogen generation system.
The unit is being launched at the SEMICON West 2010 semiconductor tradeshow in San Francisco. The model benefits from production rates of up to 30 NM3/hr and 30 bar delivery pressure.
John Speranza, Vice President for Sales at Proton Energy Systems,commented, “Proton Energy Systems has been supplying equipment to the semiconductor and materials processing industries for more than a decade, but the new HOGEN C Series makes on-site hydrogen generation possible for manufacturers and facilities with larger production demands.”
Speranza added, “The new model represents the next generation of on-site hydrogen production for the semiconductor and materials processing industries providing a safer, more affordable option to make hydrogen then previously available.”
The C Series is an improvement on the previous H Series, offering five-times the hydrogen production. It presents an integrated, automated and site-ready option for manufacturers with various production requirements.