Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH will install a stack manufacturing robot, allowing the company to increase its production capacity to 5,000 fuel cell units per annum.

The new manufacturing robot is a result of recent cooperation and partnership agreements, and the high demand for hydrogen fuel cells.

The manufacturing robot, relating to the project “Fit-4-AMandA” (Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly), was financed by the “European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking” (FCH JU) agency.

“We are delighted with this important development in the company’s progress as it contributes greatly to manufacturing ability and puts Proton Motor in a commanding position to receive lager quantity orders before the end of 2020,” said Helmut Gierse, Chairman of Proton Motor.

Proton Motor was one of five companies that took part in the development and testing programme to perfect performance and manufacturing capacity of the robot.

The fuel cell specialist worked with the robot manufacturer to develop further production capacity, by slightly changing the layout of the machine, the capacity can be increased up to 30,000 stack units per annum.

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