Yesterday, Proton OnSite announced a new purchase order from HydraFLXSystems Ltd to install a hydrogen generator at a facility outside of Honolulu, Hawaii.

The generator will be installed at the joint Pearl Harbour-Hickam base. The Hawaii Centre for Advanced Transportation Technologues and the Air Force Research Laboratory will be assisting the upgrade. Meanwhile, Proton OnSite will deliver a FuelGen® C30 proton exchange membrane electrolyser to the historic base in a couple of days, on 26th August.

The project constitutes Proton’s fourth hydrogen generator to be delivered for vehicle fuelling in the US this year. Rob Friedland, President and CEO for the firm explained the level of responsibility the project entails, he said, “Proton OnSite is proud to be working with HydraFLX, HCATT and their Department of Defence partners in Hawaii. It is a big responsibility that speaks to the reliability, durability and life-cycle costs of Proton’s hydrogen generation equipment.”

The fuelling station will power a variety of hydrogen fuel cell and hydrogen internal combustion engine cars on the base, as well as Department of Energy sponsored buses and other flight line support vehicles. It will be powered by a combination of solar and grid power. Friedland added, “Proton OnSite fully supports the hydrogen infrastructure initiatives in Hawaii. This installation is one more step toward the hydrogen revolution on the island state.”