Ballard Power Systems subsidiary Protonex has received a $1m order for the supply of SPM-622 Squad Power Manager Kits to support US Army brigades deploying overseas.

The tough and compact device weighs less than a pound and enables military units to optimise power for multiple electronic devices including; portable radios, GPS systems, medical instruments, Explosive Ordinance Demolition equipment, as well as tablet and laptop computers.

It can draw power from any source – including battery, solar, vehicle, AC or scavenged energy sources – to run equipment or recharge batteries. It delivers deployment-proven benefits to military forces that include dependable power for more than 100 electronic devices currently used by troops and lightened load for troops in the field by reducing their battery burden.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is robust and waterproof to enable supporting missions in harsh environments with extreme temperatures and no infrastructure.

Ray Summers, Protonex Director of Military Sales said, “The US Army’s focus on providing power management solutions for deployed forces shows how power has become just as important as water, food and ammunition in the modern operating environment.”

“Having an SPM-622 Squad Power Manager Kit is like having a multi-tool for power in your rucksack. With such a system, troops can easily scavenge power from any DC source to keep their batteries and devices constantly operational – no matter where they are.”

Manufactured in Southborough, Massachusetts, Power Management Systems are in operation with United States, NATO, and other partner nations forces around the world.