In the increasingly unstable global economy at present it’s perhaps advisable to tread with caution and Air Liquide appear to be doing just that, as Planalytics Inc. has announced that the French group has licensed its EnergyBuyer and ImpactPower price analysis and buying advisory services.

Although already astute in the industrial gases market, Air Liquide will benefit from Planalytics’ EnergyBuyer price analysis and buying advisory service used to manage volatility and the increasing financial risk in energy markets. The service includes access to the EnergyBuyer website with live pricing, buying, hedging and risk management suggestions, accounting and reporting functions, and charting and market research tools.

Paul Corby, Planalytics' Senior VP, Energy, commented on the revelation, “As an energy intensive manufacturer with cogeneration capabilities, Air Liquide will benefit from our forward views of natural gas prices and power demand variations. They will be better able to identify opportunities in power markets and to manage energy acquisition costs.”

EnergyBuyer clients also receive support services that include direct access to Planalytics meteorologists and market experts, weekly e-newsletters, consultation on risk management strategies and weather alerts.

The company’s ImpactPower service is a planning and analysis tool used to identify weather-driven changes in power demand. ImpactPower's Power Weather Index indicates a percentage change in weather-driven demand versus the corresponding period of the previous year, with the index available in weekly, monthly and seasonal (heating and cooling) intervals for NERC regions and metropolitan areas across North America.