The PSJ export specialists, a Czech-based construction company, are planning to build a cryogenic compressor station at the United Institute of Nuclear Research (SÚJV) in Dubna, Russia.

In 2015 the PSJ Export Division completed the implementation of the production complex for the introduction of advanced technologies and the prototyping of printed circuit boards. The company have returned to the location to fulfil the contract for an international research centre dealing with nuclear physics and other physical sciences.

Construction worth over €258m ($304m) will be carried out over the course of nine months. The cryogenic compressor station is designed to compress (N2) and helium (He), to liquefy N2 and to store and distribute gas and liquid N2 required for the operation of the High Energy Physics Laboratory.

The return of PSJ to the Russian Silicon Valley was sealed by the signing of a contract as part of November’s business mission that accompanied Czech President Miloš Zeman to Russia.

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