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  • HORIBA emissions testing centre

    Environmental compliance


    Rob Cockerill explores the impact of the emissions scandals of recent years and why new regulatory measures are driving specialty gas and equipment demand.

  • On-trend- Recovery and reclamation of refrigerant gases

    On-trend: Recovery and reclamation of refrigerant gases


    Like vehicle emissions, one of the most commonly acknowledged or understood areas of environmental concern surrounds fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases). It’s become something of a buzz term in the wider specialty gases and chemicals business in recent years.

  • The-Linde-Group

    Specialty gases in environmental protection


    Bob Brown, the Australian politician once said, “The future will either be green or not at all.”  As we seek to maintain our industrialised way of life in a sustainable way, employing clean technologies and high specification industrial gases has become critical and will become more so.

  • Grégoire LE HEN

    10 minutes with...Grégoire LE HEN


    Take 10 minutes out with Grégoire LE HEN, Technical Manager of IRELAND Valves, as he discusses the company’s roots and activities, new products the company is working on, and where IRELAND  Valves sees new business opportunities.

  • rocky mountains

    Regional markets – Focus on North America


    The three largest markets in the North America region are the US, Canada and Mexico, with these three markets generating around $23bn of industrial gas revenues in 2016, up from just over $22bn in 2015, writes Rob Cockerill.

  • Cylinder filling optimisation

    In focus...Cylinder filling optimisation


    Optimisation should be incorporated into every company’s business strategy. You should demand and accept nothing less than the best outcome for every action and activity you engage in – and cylinder filling is no exception.

  • Swiss Safety Centre

    Swiss Safety Center


    Swiss Safety Center AG, formerly Swiss TS, offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for industry, retail and commerce. These include checks, permits and inspections of pressure equipment, welding technology and dangerous goods, as well as conformity assessments.

  • High pressure composite cylinders

    An introduction to...High pressure composite cylinders


    Composite cylinders still represent a relatively new generation in cylinder technology that marry dramatic weight reduction with reliable performance.

  • Cylinders-Luxfer

    Cylinder technologies: Calibration gases in aluminium cylinders


    Mark Lawday and Andy Thornley of Luxfer Gas Cylinders discuss the stability and shelf life of calibration test gases in aluminium cylinders.

  • Gas-cylinders

    Cylinder technologies – A view to 2020


    Over the years like all commodities, gas cylinders have undergone several technological changes. Here, Dr. Roy S. Irani, Gas Package Solutions, gazes into his crystal ball and provides a view of cylinder technologies toward 2020 and beyond.

  • Carlos fornas

    10 minutes with...Carlos Fornas


    Take 10 minutes out with Carlos Fornas, Cryogenic Engineer & Industrial Manager at Nitrotec Industrias Metalúrgicas, as he provides an introduction to Nitrotec and the business trends the company is seeing at the moment.

  • Air sep two asv45000 vpsa oxygen plants at a wastewater treatment facility in san francisco ca usa

    In focus...Non-cryogenic plants


    With roots dating back to the seventies, NOVAIR started its activities in onsite gas production and compression as a privately-owned company – the enterprise of young graduate Bernard Zenou.

  • peru flag copyright bojan pavlukovic

    Regional markets – Focus on South America


    One of the region’s thought to be a point of contention in the proposed merger of equals of Praxair, Inc. and Linde AG is South America. This is also a region in the headlines of late for its economic struggles, with President Trump’s newly announced trade tariff (25%) on steel ...

  • blue circuit board electronics

    Nitrogen in semiconductor manufacture


    Simon Augustus looks at the role of nitrogen as a specialty gas in the manufacture of semiconductors.

  • Nitrogen in copper mining .

    Nitrogen in copper mining


    A case study in the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, by Dr. Mahesh Madyagol, Oxymat Group.

  • nitrogen gases

    Nitrogen: Applications and distribution


    As the most abundant of the air gases, the markets for nitrogen in terms of production, distribution and application are well established, and are discussed here by Rob Cockerill.

  • Trends in food processing equipment in the us part 2 linde

    Trends in food processing: Part 2


    Part 2. A Linde North American perspective, by Jemima Owen-Jones.

  • Trends in food processing equipment in the us part 1 chart

    Trends in food processing: Part 1


    Part 1. A Chart Industries perspective, by Jemima Owen-Jones.

  • Carbon dioxide in the food processing business

    Carbon dioxide in the food processing business


    In the developed world markets, including North America, Europe, Japan, and many other regions, often the predominant range of applications for carbon dioxide (CO2) is dedicated to a variety of food processing demands, writes Sam A. Rushing.

  • Modern food and beverages trends drive demand for effective liquid nitrogen dosing technologies

    Under pressure – Liquid nitrogen dosing


    Modern food and beverages trends drive demand for effective liquid nitrogen dosing technologies.

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