UK-based gas analysis specialist, Cambridge Sensotec, has expanded into inert gas applications with its Rapidox 1100 and 2100 models providing the purest possible environment during the process.

Now being used in inert gas blanketing, the zirconium instruments can measure oxygen (O2) at just one part per minute (ppm), providing an imperative safeguard against potential oxidation.

During the process, inert gas – usually either nitrogen (N2), helium (He) or argon (Ar) – is introduced into the sealed compartment, chamber or tank in order to displace the O2.

A spokesperson from the business stated, “By using the Rapidox gas analyser within the process, users can save on costly part rejects or failures and ensure safety during the manufacturing process.”


Cambridge Sensotec specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysis equipment designed for use in industrial processes, quality control applications, environmental monitoring and research and development experiments.