Diversified Pure Chem (PURECHEM), the full-service refrigerant reclamation company in North America, has opened a new HUB facility in New Jersey to offer small cylinder exchange and refrigerant buyback services.

With the New Jersey addition, PURECHEM can now service Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVACR) and industrial businesses throughout the Atlantic City, Trenton, Newark, New York City, Philadelphia, and other surrounding markets.

Through the local HUB facilities, PURECHEM employees collect 30-pound and 50-pound cylinders of recovered refrigerant, such as R-22, directly from other local HVACR businesses. PURECHEM drivers make routine stops at participating locations to exchange filled cylinders with clean cylinders. Once collected refrigerant is analysed, PURECHEM pays the business for the value of their recovered gases and supplies Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) documentation.

Dave Couchot, General Manager of PURECHEM, said, “As an EPA-certified reclaimer, our goal is to offer HVACR and industrial businesses solutions that are both environmentally friendly and profitable for their businesses.”

“With our best-in-class technology platform, we are poised to continue leading the industry in the buyback of R-22, hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and other mixed gases while meeting the refrigerant needs of contractors in the northeast now and in the future as EPA phase out dates quickly approach,” Couchot added.

With the addition of the New Jersey facility, PURECHEM now has 13 local HUBs throughout the country, including facilities in California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and New Jersey.