Johnson Matthey (JM), the US developers and manufacturers of gas purification technologies, has launched a new range of hydrogen purifiers designed to meet the demand for higher hydrogen flow rates required for mass-production in the latest LED and silicon fabs.

According to JM, its new 6-strong range of PureGuard PSH Series purifiers allow fabs to use the company's more compact purifiers for higher flows, even where the inlet gas quality is from a low quality, compressed source with purity as low as 99.9 percent.

Stuart Bestrom, national sales manager of JM's Gas Purification Technology group, said of the newly released range, $quot;This new series of hydrogen purifiers reaffirms our commitment to support the ongoing growth of the global semiconductor industry.$quot;

PSH Series models incorporate JM's patented palladium membrane technology and are capable of hydrogen flow rates from 10 Nm3/hr to 60 Nm3/hr, also featuring the firm's V-Purge technology which it says ensures quick start-up and rapid removal of hydrogen during power failure.

Furthermore, offering a catalytic pre-purifier to protect against oxygen impurity spikes, the purifiers have a compact single-cabinet design for installation in Class I, Division II environments.