Technifab Products Inc. recently appointed Ernst Clausen as the new Accounts Manager of its western regional office located in Sacramento, California.

Ernst phot 300x273

Ernst phot 300x273

Clausen has 25 years of experience and extensive knowledge in the cryogenic industry including vacuum jacketed piping, cryogenic equipment and complete system design.

gasworld spoke to Clausen to see how he’s finding the new role, and to discuss the company’s strategies to achieve top line growth.

Congratulations on your new role, how is it going so far?

Thank you very much. It is going well. Every time one assumes a new role it does tend to get a little hectic. However, I am hopeful that my previous tenure with Technifab in the same position (from January 2003 – September of 2010) will help ease the transition. While I am still very familiar with most of Technifab’s product lines from a technical standpoint, the company has grown significantly since I left thus many internal procedures have changed. I hope to familiarise myself with these changes quickly to be as productive as possible within short order.

What was your previous position?

During the past six and half years I was a Business Development Manager for Food Applications for Praxair, Inc.

With your extensive experience in the cryogenics industry, how have you seen the industry change over the years?

The main change I have seen is the continuing consolidation within the industry. Many gas companies such as AGA, Holox, BOC, and National Welders that existed when I started in 90’s have either been acquired by or have merged with their competitors. This trend appears to be ongoing as evidenced in the recent acquisition of Airgas by Air Liquide as well as the impending merger between Praxair and Linde.

What do you hope to achieve as the new Accounts Manager?

There is a very short answer to this question: Top line growth. The West coast obviously has tremendous growth potential and my sales and technical experience paired with my extensive network within the industry will help achieve that goal. Our intention is to continue to grow our sales in this region and expand our west coast facility.

What’s next for Technifab? Is there anything the company is working on at the moment you could share with gasworld?

Technifab is always developing new products and services. They were very busy in 2016 with the introductions of larger diameter pipe, 4” vacuum jacketed valves, a new tank switcher model and an online store for KF and CF flanges. Just in the last month we have introduced flow plugs for our vacuum jacketed valves. We do have a couple of announcements that will be coming soon. Our vacuum jacketed piping up to 1” will be PED certified and we are going to expand our field service offerings by adding industrial gas piping installations. It should be an exciting year.

I understand that the company has expanded its facility three times already, are there any future expansion plans in place?

Yes, we have the land we need and plans are in place to expand again when needed. Technifab has grown steadily over the last 25 years and we do not intend to stop now.

How is the company restructuring working for the business so far?

The restructuring has been a resounding success. By creating three distinct divisions the company has been able to clearly define capabilities and product offerings to customers across the wide range of industries we serve. Using the name Technifab in each ties them together and reassures our customers that they will receive the product quality and service they expect from us.