Qatargas make positive predictions during the 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas in Algeria.

The conference which was held in Oran between 19th -21st April saw Chief Operating Officer of Commercial and Shipping at Qatargas, Ahmed Al Khulaifi, deliver a paper titled, “Moving Forward After a Year of Historic Achievements in the LNG Industry”.

The paper announced Qatargas’ success saying, “Qatar became the largest LNG producer by starting three of the world’s largest trains during 2009.” Several large Qatari global supply projects were also highlighted.

Al Khulaifi continued, “Technological advances in shipping allowed ships to deliver LNG volumes more efficiently to distant or untapped markets than in the past.” Similarly, he described a resilient LNG business model during the recent economic downturn.

The paper anticipated ‘the global economy return to positive growth and a related increase in demand for natural gas.’ Al Khulaifi added that an adaptable attitude to changing markets and political landscapes would ensure this. He also predicted that growing global degasification capacity would increase the ability of many nations to secure LNG supplies.

A further paper, “LNG Mega Trains – Design One Build Many, the Qatargas 2 example’ highlighted the use of best practice. Both David A Williams, Qatargas 2 Project Manager, and Abdelkader Haouari, Qatargas Expansion Startup Manager described how Qatargas 2 (QG2) Train 4 was implemented across multiple projects.
This ensured four of the Qatargas trains were built based on the QG2 design, while RasGas built two additional trains, thereby extending Qatar’s overall LNG capacity to 77 million tonnes per annum by the end of the decade.