An increase in the report of gasket failures has prompted Novus Sealing Limited to raise a concerned voice over the need place quality before price.

Novus Sealing, formed from a management buy out of the Econosto gasket business, is echoing the concerns of senior process engineers and members of the heat transfer industry who have to deal with the consequences of poor quality products. Many concerns surround the Camprofile gasket, once a bastion of reliability and automatic choice for difficult service.

Dr Gavin Smith leads the Novus Sealing Technical Team. He said: "It is both surprising and alarming that in a relatively short space of time the Camprofile gasket has become so devalued," says Dr Smith.

"We are conscious that Camprofile gaskets, often selected for arduous and critical service are sourced with little or no sympathy for the production requirements of the gasket let alone meeting design criteria and function. Many users subsequently are looking to us to investigate problems and we are finding significant quality issues and manufacturing defects that represent a genuine cause for concern.

"In one recent instance leak paths had been created by weld grinding, in another the gasket had completely collapsed when welds failed and in another gasket no less than eight welds were found in a gasket diameter of less than 1.5 metres. We have also seen a recovered gasket that had no cams machined into the pass ribs!"

The Novus Technical support team covers all aspects of sealing from non asbestos jointing through to metallic and semi-metallic gaskets and gives hands on practical advice to the user that includes gasket selection, design studies, inspection services and training. The team also oversees Camprofile production to ensure highest compliance standards.

Novus Sealing has invested extensively in the production of Camprofile gaskets, which were developed by Hofland and Econosto who were responsible for much of the development of the gasket and it\\$quot;s capabilities.

The Novus Sealing production facility in West Yorkshire includes two massive centre lathes that can accommodate Camprofile gaskets turned in one piece, up to three metres in diameter either from sheet material or a single welded ring, this is unique in the UK. Considerable investment has also been made in welding preparation and dressing equipment that ensures that where welds in gaskets are required they are minimised and perfectly match the surrounding material, so even when a weld is the last resort, the investment in procedures, machinery and inspection creates a weld which is totally compatible to the surrounding material.

Novus Sealing would recommend that all end users ensure that they are confident in their supply chain and ensure that the plant integrity is not being inadvertently placed at risk. If they have any doubts they should contact Novus Sealing Technical Team without delay. Novus Sealing Limited, Telephone: 01274 878787. Fax 01274 862588