Witt’s new Leak-Master excels at finding even the smallest holes in rigid or flexible packaging quickly and precisely.

Information about Witt’s device, states that inert gas and vacuum packaging can be tested for leaks, it’s easy and it doesn’t involve trace gas. The test product is placed in a chamber filled with water. When the lid is closed, the air space above the water level is evacuated, the package inflating under water. If air bubbles emerge, there is a leak. This test method is especially straightforward and cost effective and has the additional advantage that the weak point of the packaging is visible.

Sparing the trees

But the newer Witt Plus version of the Leak-Master Easy can do even more – as it records, saves and communicates (via Ethernet and SD card) its test programme and results. This does away with tiresome and time-consuming logging by hand -meaning QC/QA Managers can check all leak test results at any time, especially those increasingly associated with Certification and Customer KPIs. 

Standardising leak testing

Operation is via a coloured touchscreen. Products, users and also customised test programmes can be configured rapidly and easily. After logging on to the device and selecting the product to be tested, the user places the packaging in the test chamber, closes the cover and starts the test programme. The Easy’s electronics then do all the rest. The pre-set vacuum is automatically generated and maintained over the defined time period. The user performs a visual inspection as usual and has to enter whether the packaging was leakproof or not after the test process. The end result is a standardised test sequence that can be reproduced at any time. So simple – yet so effective.

Electronics allows customised test programmes

Special test programmes are also possible using the electronics, for instance height simulation: At what height above sea level does the material yield? At the touch of a finger, the system can simulate a flight profile - another smart feature!

The Leak-Master Easy is the entry-level model in the Leak-Master® series for leak testing of packaging. Besides the water bath, with or without electronic control, variants with CO2 as the test gas are also available. The test is performed without contact in a vacuum chamber using a sensor, which logs any escaping CO2 in next to no time. The in-line variant “Leak-Master MapMax” can be integrated seamlessly into a packaging line. Testing for carbon dioxide is also carried out here, but fully automatically and with a speed of 15 cycles per minute so that the entire production is logged. This feature is truly unique. All detectors are available in multiple chamber sizes.