The world’s first entirely British designed, manufactured and installed ‘indirect’ whole body cryotherapy chamber has been launched by Quantum Cryogenics.

After supporting growing numbers of customers with the installation and maintenance of safety systems for whole body cryotherapy chambers, the family run Devon-based business has created its own called CryoQube.

Whole body cryotherapy plunges the user into temperatures of around -130 degrees Celsius for up to three minutes.

Subjecting the whole human body to these temperatures, cools the skin to around 15 degrees Celsius, setting off a range of responses in the body, including releasing endorphins, reducing inflammation and numbing pain.

This is known to deliver a range of health and wellbeing benefits, as well as enhancing sports performance and improving recovery from muscle injury.

Many cryotherapy chambers involve the user being directly exposed to freezing nitrogen vapour, leading to concerns being raised about its safety.

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Source: Quantum Cryogenics

CryoQube delivers ultra-cold temperatures, but uses pure super-cooled air that has been pre-chilled using liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen gas is then safely ducted away. Known as ‘indirect’ cryotherapy, it allows the whole body to be immersed in the chamber, unlike direct cooled systems where the head has to be outside of the unit.

Co-Founder of Quantum Cryotherapy Adela Thornton-Wood said, “We are proud to be launching the first fully British-designed and manufactured indirect whole body cryotherapy chamber, which is also installed by our own in house team of cryogenically trained site engineers.”

“Developing CryoQube was a natural next step for us as a company and builds on our 40-year heritage of providing high-tech, high quality cryogenic control systems.”

“This is an exciting new venture for us and we are delighted to be manufacturing our cryotherapy chambers for the sports, health club and spas markets.”

Quantum Cryotherapy has created different versions of CryoQube, to provide a range of spaces. This covers every requirement, from single individuals to an increasingly popular more sociable cryotherapy experience for two or more users.

The team believes its focus on supporting customers through the entire process will be a selling point for CryoQube.

The company will conduct a full survey of each potential customer’s premises, to check it is suitable for cryotherapy, as well as providing staff training and ongoing maintenance and support.

Co-Founder of Quantum Cryotherapy David Thornton-Wood added, “There is growing interest in whole body cryotherapy, but there has not previously been a British company providing what we feel is really needed.”

“We have unfortunately seen health clubs and spas experiencing problems after investing in cryotherapy chambers and discovering they cannot run them because the site-based support was not there.”

“We have the expertise to ensure people can buy and run our cryotherapy chambers safely and effectively. Importantly, we aren’t supplying through third parties, so our customers will get the support they need, when they need it.”

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Source: Quantum Cryogenics

David and Adela Thornton-Wood