Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, in partnership with Linde North America, has delivered the first hydrogen dispensing system that measures hydrogen mass with connectivity to retail interface and user-friendly payment features.

This newly developed system was installed in West Sacramento and was unveiled at a grand opening hosted by the California Fuel Cell Partnership, Ramos Oil and Linde.

“For over a decade of development and prototyping, we have achieved the breakthrough of measuring and dispensing hydrogen fuel for commercial use in fuel-cell vehicles,” said Brian Olson, CEO of Quantum Technologies. “We are pleased with the results of our agreement with Linde and can expect further joint development efforts to the changing industry and standards,” continued Olson.

In partnership with Linde, Quantum has developed a highly specialised Hydrogen Dispenser system for 35 and 70 MPa service. For the first time, measuring the mass of hydrogen from a dispensing unit was successful and has received conditional approval for commercial service in California by the Department of Measurements and Standards. This is the first public accessible Hydrogen refuelling station that has demonstrated SAE compliant fast fill performance with accurate mass flow measurement.

In addition to the development of dispensers, Quantum’s flag ship type IV tank, Q-Lite™, takes full advantage of maximizing gas and reducing storage weight not only experienced with CNG but also hydrogen.