Spiritus Consulting has recently completed its quarterly report for Q4 2007, providing the latest insights and figures for the industrial gases business and explaining market trends, the leading players, and much more.

The industrial gas sector has seen regions such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe emerge at an increasingly rapid rate in recent years, and this latest quartely report from Spiritus details the drivers for growth behind this and the effects on the industry as a whole.

The consultancy company highlights the 'structural grounds for optimism' as it examines demand from the continually expanding energy industry, the facilitation of new fuel technology trends to meet this demand, and the topical subject of CO2 capture and sequestration, among a number of other issues covered in this comprehensive analysis.

The Spiritus Group is widely perceived as the leading provider of knowledge management and consulting services to the industrial gases business, providing clients with a variety of consulting services including business strategy, market research, M&A advice & due diligence, and financial analysis.
Further information can be obtained by contacting, info@spiritusgroup.com.