QuestAir Technologies recently announced the successful installation of its H-3200 hydrogen purifier at a hydrogen fuelling station in California, United States.

QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3200 is incorporated into a commercial onsite hydrogen generator supplied by, Chicago based, Hyradix Inc. This new hydrogen generator provides hydrogen fuel for SunLine\\$quot;s current hydrogen-powered vehicles as well as supporting SunLine\\$quot;s plans for future expansion of its hydrogen bus fleet.

President of QuestAir, Jonathan Wilkinson, said that QuestAir has had a long association with the SunLine Transit hydrogen station, having supplied a hydrogen purifier to an earlier hydrogen generator installed at the station in 1998.

\\$quot;We are extremely pleased with the successful start up of the H-3200 as part of Hyradix\\$quot;s AdeoTM hydrogen generator. The system performance has fully met expectations since installation, producing high purity hydrogen that meets the demanding purity specifications of the major fuel cell vehicle manufacturers,\\$quot; Wilkinson concluded.

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