QuestAir has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Quebec-based Xebec Adsorption Inc. (Xebec), which will see the creation of a North American leader in the renewable natural gas and gas purification sectors.

Both QuestAir and Xebec offer products based on proprietary and conventional adsorption technology.

Xebec is a world leader in natural gas-drying technology for compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling stations and a manufacturer of filtration and dehydration equipment for gases and compressed air. QuestAir meanwhile, is a developer and supplier of gas purification systems for the biogas upgrading and industrial hydrogen markets.

The merged company will be named Xebec Adsorption Inc. and will be headquartered in Blainville, Quebec, with operations maintained in Shanghai, Singapore, Burnaby and the UK’s Newcastle.

Andrew Hall, President and CEO of QuestAir said, $quot;A strategic merger with Xebec provides a solid platform for the next phase of QuestAir's growth.”

“Xebec's strength in the natural gas vehicle fuel market perfectly complements our increased focus and success in renewable natural gas. Together, we will maximise the potential of QuestAir's advanced adsorption technology by leveraging Xebec's manufacturing facilities in Quebec and China, and its global sales and distribution networks.$quot;

Xebec's current President Kurt Sorschak will be named President and CEO, while QuestAir’s Hall will lead the sales and business development function.

Sorschak added, $quot;Xebec has built a successful and strong business, with loyal customers and a global footprint. Our merger with QuestAir will help us pursue leadership positions in growing sectors such as biogas purification, specialised gas filtration, natural gas dehydration, and hydrogen purification.”

“Currently these segments provide an addressable market of over $500m annually and represent a compelling business opportunity.”