QuestAir Technologies has signed an agreement, valued at up to US$700,000, to supply its H-3300 hydrogen purifiers to Nuvera Fuel Cells through 2008.

QuestAir has also received a purchase order from Nuvera for initial delivery of H-3300 units later this year.

Under the terms of the preferred supplier agreement, QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3300 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems will be integrated into Nuvera\\$quot;s PowerTapTM branded hydrogen generators. The PowerTapTM converts widely available fuels such as natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to hydrogen. QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3300 will purify the hydrogen product to the demanding purity specifications required for fuel cell markets.

Jonathan Wilkinson, president and CEO of QuestAir said that Nuvera\\$quot;s PowerTapâ„¢ hydrogen generator will provide hydrogen fuel for fuel cell powered industrial vehicles such as forklifts and airport ground support vehicles.

"Fuel cells offer a compelling value proposition as a replacement for lead acid batteries in forklifts and other industrial vehicles, and we expect that these markets will be aggressive early adopters of fuel cell technology.

"The supply of cost-effective hydrogen fuel at the distribution centers or work sites where these vehicles are used is clearly a challenge. Nuvera\\$quot;s PowerTapTM hydrogen generator, including QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3300, provides a compact, cost effective solution for the distributed generation of this hydrogen fuel," said Wilkinson.

Roberto Cordaro, President and CEO of Nuvera Fuel Cells continued: "QuestAir has a demonstrated track record in the supply of market-leading hydrogen purification systems, and has met or exceeded product specifications and delivery schedules on PSA systems supplied to Nuvera to date. QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3300 PSA system offers superior performance and a compact design which is ideally suited to the requirements of our PowerTapTM hydrogen generator."