QuestAir Technologies\\$quot; H-3200 hydrogen purifiers will be included in a synthetic fuels plant located near Denver, Colorado, US.

The plant, which is being constructed by Rentech will produce approximately 10 barrels per day of ultra-clean transportation fuels from coal.

QuestAir CEO Jonathan Wilkinson says QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3200 pressure swing adsorption system will purify hydrogen for use in the upgrading of liquid fuels in the coal-to-liquids plant.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Rentech on this project, which we believe is the first fully integrated coal-to-liquids facility in the US.

"This technology has the potential to convert large under-utilized resources including coal, into clean burning transportation fuels to supplement dwindling and ever more expensive supplies of conventional oil. We are excited by the potential growth opportunity that the emerging synthetic fuels market offers for our proprietary hydrogen purification technology."

QuestAir H-3200
QuestAir\\$quot;s H-3200 purifies hydrogen-containing gas streams to high purity hydrogen for use in industrial processes, on-site hydrogen plants and hydrogen fueling stations. The H-3200\\$quot;s optimized Pressure Swing Adsorption process and proprietary rotary valve technology deliver higher efficiency than conventional PSA systems in a more compact, cost effective package. Since the product launch in 2003, QuestAir has sold more than 30 H-3200 systems to customers in Europe, Japan and North America.