QuestAir Technologies Inc of Canada has announced that it has received an order valued at $1.2m, to supply an M-3100 methane recovery system for use in a landfill gas-to-energy project in New Hampshire.

The order was received from SCS Energy, a division of SCS Engineers, and the technology from QuestAir will contribute to allowing the University of New Hampshire 9UNH) to replace fossil fuels with renewable upgraded landfill gas.

Jonathan Wilkinson, president and CEO of QuestAir, explained as he said, “QuestAir’s M-3100 will increase the energy content of landfill gas from the Rochester Neck Road landfill by removing carbon dioxide. The upgraded product gas will be used to fire a combined cycle cogeneration facility at the University of New Hampshire, generating both electrical power and steam for building heating.”

“This is expected to result in significant environmental and economic benefits, including a direct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as substantial cost savings from lower natural gas consumption,” Wilkinson added.

Based in British Columbia, QuestAir Technologies is a developer and supplier of proprietary gas purification systems for several large international markets including biogas production and natural gas processing and its expertise in such areas can prove an attractive proposition for customers.

Jeffrey Pierce, vice president of SCS Energy, would seem to agree as he said, “SCS selected a QuestAir M-3100 PSA system for the UNH project because its rotary valve provides a significant improvement in PSA design. Also, the M-3100’s small size, attractive economics, and simplicity of operation provide a good solution for a stable, enhanced BTU fuel gas to fire UNH’s 8mw turbine.”

All figures quoted are in Canadian Dollars.