QuestAir Technologies Inc. announced today that it will supply an H-3200 hydrogen purifier for use in a new hydrogen plant to be constructed in Mexico by Hydro-Chem, a world leading supplier of hydrogen plants.

Hydro-Chem will integrate the H-3200 pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system into an on-site hydrogen plant purchased by a leading industrial gas company in Mexico. The new hydrogen plant will supply hydrogen to a new steel plant being constructed by POSCO in Mexico, as well as supplying compressed hydrogen in tube trailers for other hydrogen users in the area.

“This is an important order for QuestAir for a number of reasons,” said Jonathan Wilkinson, President and CEO of QuestAir.

“POSCO, the end user of the hydrogen, is a major steel company and hydrogen purification for new and existing steel plants is an important growth market for QuestAir. In addition, this is our fourth PSA purchased by Hydro-Chem, and another important step towards our goal of having QuestAir’s rotary valve PSA become the industry standard for hydrogen plants with capacities less than 15,000 cubic meters per hour.”

QuestAir’s H-3200 purifies hydrogen-containing gas streams to high purity hydrogen for use in industrial processes, on-site hydrogen plants and hydrogen fuelling stations.