Stirling Cryogenics & Refrigeration have been working hard in India, with two new liquid nitrogen applications coming into use.

One large system they have recently been involved in is the StirLIN, which is to be delivered in 2007 to the Nuclear Power Project in Kudan Kulam, India. The system produces 150 litres/hour of liquid nitrogen with a purity 0.01 percent oxygen at 20 barg. It is used in the areas nuclear power plant for purging the large power generator of hydrogen gas before maintenance. This power plant is the first of a series to be built by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India.

Also amongst their specialities is the StirLAB200 liquid nitrogen production plant, based on the latest state-of-the-art system. This is especially designed for use in the delicate research laboratory environment and has a production capacity of 48 litres/day.

Stirling says that being whisper silent, having a fully integrated design, and its one button operation make the StirLAB200 the $quot;coffee vending machine for liquid nitrogen$quot;. Furthermore it can be placed in or nearby the research rooms, without giving any disturbance to the researchers. The first StirLAB200 is installed at the Indian Institute of Technology in Powai, Mumbai, India.