Ranch Cryogenics Inc, specialists in plant construction, relocation and operating assistance of gas production plants, is celebrating 20 years of successful service in the merchant gases business.

Market demand for liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon back in 1987 led Mike Duffy Snr, a former Northern Gases truck and trailer mechanic of 21 years, to decide to assemble 2 facilities in Wisconsin and Texas. These plants proved to be very profitable and are still operating after 20 years.

Several plant relocations followed in addition to involvement in other new plant construction projects, with relocation and construction facilities undertaken throughout the US and the world ever since, including facilities in Korea, Turkey, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia.

Duffy Snr commented, $quot;It seems just like yesterday (1987) that RCI built Epco's first CO2 plant and now they are a major competitor in the CO2 industry. The last 20 years have been great and with my son Mike Duffy Jnr, and my grandson Trey Duffy, you can count on Ranch Cryogenics Inc on being around for another 20 years.$quot;

The company is also pleased to announce the SR-A-150 L-300 merchant air separation plant, as Duffy Snr explains, $quot;Due to the fact of the shortage of used plants that are available at this time, we had to explore our options and realised the best answer was to start designing and building new plants at a more affordable price. We have one sold and are in talks of building two more.$quot;