Rapak®, part of DS Smith Plastics Division, has developed an oxygen barrier active packaging system for bag-in-box wines.

The US-based company has launched the oxygen scavenger active packaging system that significantly decreases the oxygen levels on wine bags, increases product shelf-life, and provides a premium customer experience.

The new wine bag comprises of the ShelfPlus ® oxygen scavenger, Rapak ultra-high barrier custom designed nine-layer film, and Worldwide Dispenser’s ultra-high barrier Mustang wine tap.

To test the new solution, Rapak partnered with Albis Plastic, manufacturer of the ShelfPlus® O2 scavenger. The results yielded exceptional results, and has captured the interest of winemaker’s to use bag-in-box formats for higher-end wine varietals.

The results

Rapak’s active packaging system achieved a 26-week shelf-life on white wine and a 32-week shelf-life on red wine, after the bag-in-box was opened. Additionally, Rapak’s active packaging system achieved a nine-month shelf-life on unopened white wine and a 12-month shelf-life on unopened red wine in the 1.5L format.

Rapak’s new oxygen scavenger wine bags are patent pending. They are available in 1.5L, 3L, 5L and custom sizes.