Across the series of the company’s Freshline range of gas products for the food and beverage industry, Air Products’ new continuous chilling system has completed a number of successful trials and delivered rapid chilling solutions.

Air Products says its Freshline Continuous Sauce Chiller cools down mayonnaise, sauces and other pastes faster than existing batch systems and claims it also reduces the amount of manual handling required to chill products.

The company developed the cryogenic chilling system as an alternative to existing mechanical systems and has also tested the machine on a variety of other products, including pesto, garlic mousses and barbecue sauce.

“Successful trials have proven this innovative cryogenic chilling system can chill mayonnaise in seconds – a clear advantage over the standard chilling process, which normally takes longer,” a company statement said.

Tested through longevity trials at Heinrich Kuhlmann, a leading producer of gourmet salads and other specialty foods, production manager Markus Kleinjohann believes the speed of chilling has provided a viable alternative to batch systems.

“By using the Continuous Sauce Chiller we have also reduced manual handling of the product associated with the previous chilling method. These methods are particularly relevant during summer – exactly the time we ramp up mayonnaise production,” commented Kleinjohann.

Debate continues over the convenience and economic viability of cryogenic chilling in comparison to mechanical refrigeration, while Air Products has developed a portable Freshline unit that processors can use to trial the chilling of sauces on their own premises. Customers can also attend demonstrations at Air Products’ technology centre in Basingstoke, UK.