Two of the largest industrial companies in Europe have recently signed an agreement to cooperate on the development and manufacture of industrial vehicles in CIS Countries, in particular CNG powered vehicles.

According to the agreement, the giant Russian industrial vehicle manufacturer Raritek will use valves made by the Italian-based Cavagna Group and new “Type 4” gas cylinders, which are manufactured by xperion Energy & Environment GmbH, the technology leader in the field of lightweight gas cylinders.

The General Director of LLC RariTEK Rafael Batyrshin had this to say on the subject, “This agreement strengthens the relationship and cooperation between the Cavagna Group and xperion Energy & Environment. As CNG technology providers, we were the first to recommend Cavagna Group products to Kamaz and now all the valves used in Kamaz vehicles are made by the Italian company.”

Klaus Weis, Head of Engineering at xperion Energy & Environment, added, “We have tested the Cavagna valves extensively, and are satisfied with their performance and reliability. We are pleased to partner with Cavagna for the RariTEK project.”

“We are delighted and proud of this agreement,” said Davide Cavagna, Cavagna Group CEO, “since it demonstrates the technological and commercial competitiveness of our valves, even in the field of type 4 high pressure gas cylinders, as xperion itself declares. Russia is one of the most important markets in Europe for CNG powered commercial vehicles and Kamaz is the leader in this area.”

Cavagna began working on the Russian automotive market about seven years ago. However the real turning point came in 2009 when the working relationship with the leading Russian commercial vehicle manufacturer Raritek started. Raritek is one of the most important goods vehicle and bus manufacturing groups in the world. The partnership began and developed thanks to the hard work of RariTEK’s exclusive CNG technology supplier. RariTEK is present throughout Russia with over 160 specialised sales and service centres. Kamaz preferred the Cavagna Group products offered by RariTEK over those of other European competitors. Today, the Cavagna Group is RariTEK’s only CNG valve supplier.