RasGas Company Limited won the Excellence in Project Integration Award at the 8th International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) which opened in Kuala Lumpur on 10th December.

RasGas is one of the world’s premier integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) enterprises and the award was presented for its RasGas Expansion Phase 2 (RGX2) Project, which is a world-scale, multi-billion dollar investment field gas resource, located 100km offshore, north of Qatar.

The RGX2 scope of work was comprised of two large LNG trains with a total capacity of 15.6 million tonnes per annum (MTA), alongside a gas production facility (AKG-2) with capacity of approximately 1,250 million standard cubic feet of sales gas per day in addition to approximately 15 million barrels of field condensate, 1 million tonnes of natural gas liquids (propane, butane, plant condensate) and 870,000 tonnes of ethane per year. These onshore facilities are fed from four remote wellhead platforms (WHP6, WHP8, WHP10 and WHP11) with load out weights of 2,100 to 2,300 tonnes each, with two 38” pipelines to shore. The RGX2 Project was the largest, most ambitious, and most challenging project ever undertaken by RasGas.

On receiving the award, Mr. Nafez Bseiso, Chief Venture Officer, RasGas Company Limited said, “This award means a lot to us because it reflects the commitment to excellence by a large number of people who worked on this project in RasGas together with our shareholders and reflects the company’s commitment to excellence along with the highest standards of environmental safety and quality.”

“In fact, this project was executed with a great degree of focus on the “human element”, that being one of the key criteria. The focus on technology, efficiency, reliability and quality were again some really major areas of achievement with this project.”

“What makes it unique is that this project took Qatar to the next level, which made Qatar the largest single LNG producer in the world.”

“The plants that we built with a capacity of 7.8 million tonnes, something that has never been achieved before. The thinking behind the planning aspect and the execution was indeed a major achievement.”