Ratermann Manufacturing is now offering cryogenic tanks equipped with Wise Telemetry technology, or the stand-alone Wise Telemetry system, to its customers as part of a new partnership between the two US businesses.

A unique system which enhances a company’s tank portfolio, Wise Telemetry’s units come with access to a customer app and dashboard which allow customers to track their assets in real time eliminating needing to drive out to customers to check the tank.

Established in 2014, Wise Telemetry has become a leading provider of remote monitoring devices and services for the industrial gas industry. The Pittsburgh-based company has the capacity to monitor every aspect of gas distribution from tanker trucks and bulk tanks to dewars and cylinders.

On the partnership the company’s latest partnership, Eric Wise, President of Wise Telemetry, said, “When considering possible distribution partners, Ratermann had what we were looking for right in their slogan: reliability.”

“Our customers depend on the data from our devices, so reliability is key in our work. Ratermann’s 23 years of providing excellent, reliable service to the industrial gas market is a great fit for us.”

Brent Lockhart, President of Ratermann, added, “Ratermann believes Wise Telemetry is the most progressive telemetry product offering on the market and will bring additional efficiency to our customers operations.”

“Wise Telemetry offers the lowest cost of ownership in the industry and at the same time is the longest lasting and most reliable making it unparallel to other telemetry offerings and we now can offer the tanks we sell pre-installed with telemetry units. “