Raven SR and HYZON Motors, Inc. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop Clean Mobility Projects, which will offer customers to lease a medium or heavy duty hydrogen vehicle, have it maintained and receive all the necessary hydrogen fuel under a single contract.

Source: Raven SR

Raven SR Modular Conception

Customers will be offered a complete package that includes renewable hydrogen fuel made from local waste, with the first project to come online in California.

Matt Murdock, CEO of Raven SR, a Wyoming renewable fuels company, said, “We are actively developing a hydrogen production facility in San Jose capable of producing 5,000 kgs/day of 90% renewable hydrogen, using our patented steam/CO2 Reforming technology. This increased hydrogen supply along with the HYZON fleet will create further opportunities for companies in the Bay Area to go completely green on their transportation through a single lease contract.”

Raven SR’s patented steam/CO2 reformation process is a non-combustion, non-incineration, low atmospheric, non-catalyst application that converts carbonaceous waste into renewable syngas, hydrogen, or other synthetic fuels. Unlike traditional gasification technologies that rely on an oxidising agent or catalysts, Raven SR’s systems does neither.

Earlier this year, hydrogen fuel cell vehicle company HYZON Motors announced its incorporation in New York to commercialise fuel cell heavy trucks and buses.

HYZON will become the first US-based manufacturer of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems that exceed 100kW and are specifically designed for 15-40 tonne commercial vehicles. The New York facility will have the potential to manufacture up to 10,000 units based on demand.

Gary Robb, Chief Engineer and Vice President of HYZON Fuel Cell Powertrain said, “Raven SR has several unique features that enable clean, low carbon, reliable and cost-effective production of hydrogen suitable for use in fuel cell vehicles, which makes them a solid partner for HYZON and for our Clean Mobility Projects. Raven SR’s system offers clear advantages over the myriad of other waste to energy technologies I have studied. Raven SR’s ability to competitively supply high purity hydrogen fuel to the heavy-duty commercial fuel cell vehicles produced by HYZON Motors will enable wide scale commercialisation of both technologies. This approach will help eliminate the chicken-and-egg dilemma (needing hydrogen fuel and the vehicles that use it) that has been a barrier up until now.”

“Through this project we can eliminate waste while producing clean fuels and providing zero emission heavy transportation in cooperation with HYZON Motors,” added Murdock.

George Gu, CEO of HYZON Motors said, “With our new facility and Raven SR, whose renewable hydrogen not only cuts carbon but reduces waste, we are excited to be able to deliver truly clean transportation for people and goods. We see a fantastic future for the hydrogen economy across the country.”