Air separation specialist Ranch Cryogenics Inc. (RCI) has named Mayda Block as Vice-President of Sales, effective 5th September (2017).

Having spent the last 25 years at Air Liquide Industrial US LP, where she was the Regional Sales Manager in the Chicago/Midwest region marketplace, Block joins the company with a wealth of experience within the industrial gas industry.

RCI said Block will be responsible for leading the company’s sales initiative to build relationships that are mutually beneficial to their clients, provide leadership and direction for their sales activities and develop new areas of service that can be beneficial to the industry.

Welcoming Block to the company, Michael ‘Trey’ Duffy, General Manager and Vice-President of RCI, said, “As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are very excited to welcome Mayda to our management team. With her expertise, creative and adaptive sales approach, innovative problem solving skills and industry knowledge we know she will be a dynamic addition to our management team.”

The family business celebrated it’s 30th anniversary last month. It was born on a Pennsylvania farm in August 1987, found its voice during the economic boom of the 1990s and came of age in the 21st century as the demand for liquid oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2) and other gasses soared to accommodate new manufacturing markets. 

The company was launched by Michael’s grandfather, Mike Duffy Sr. who had a 20-year background with companies like Northern Gases, where he began in 1966 as a truck and trailer mechanic. He went on to operate and manage several air separation plants. But he really found his niche when he was assigned to move two 69 T/D gaseous O2 plants from Chicago to Waukesha, Wisconsin.

RCI enters its fourth decade in a new home outside of Chicago, with a staff serving a growing customer base that includes everything from steel mills to hospitals, sewage treatment plants and even gold mines. It continues as a family owned business with a reputation for reliability, efficiency and innovation – and a practical approach to finding solutions.


(L-R): Chris Duffy, Mike Duffy Sr., Mike Duffy Jr. and Michael ‘Trey’ Duffy III
Source: Ranch Cryogenics Inc.