Review...just in!
The curtain has now fallen on the most progressive gases event on the UK calendar, namely the BCGA 2010 Conference, and attentions are now turned to an engaging night’s entertainment.

Flying the flag for safety and innovation across the UK compressed gases business, the BCGA Conference focused on all aspects of safe working practices within the gases industry.

And 2010 upped the ante yet again, with a range of topics that apply to many in the gases community, both now and in the future.

After rounding-off a thoroughly successful day in rural Manchester, BCGA Chief Executive Doug Thornton told gasworld on the sidelines of the conference, “It’s been another cracking BCGA conference, in-keeping with the success and progression made over the last three years.$quot;

$quot;We’ve made several steps forward, key steps forward for the industry, and as you’ve seen today, the BCGA continues to punch above its weight.”

Delegates were treated to a feast of firsts for both the association and industry alike, as the BCGA unveiled significant safety progress on several fronts.

Firstly, the association proudly announced significant safety progress achieved with colour coding of certain UK gas cylinders; the BCGA has managed to instigate change with the agreement that there is to be change to the colour coding of cylinder bodies.

The gases industry has collectively agreed that in future, all medical gas cylinders in the UK will carry uniformed white bodies.

As a further feather in its cap, the HSE was in attendance at today’s event in Manchester, UK to accelerate this change.

Respected, regular BCGA speaker Gary Gunyon, London Fire Brigade (LFB) Group Commander and present Head of LFB’s Hazardous Material and Environmental Protection (HMEP) Group, joined BCGA’s Thornton on stage to discuss the progress of BAM research into acetylene and associated incidents.

Another breakthrough, Thornton announced that the UK fire service has finally acknowledged the BCGA’s view on the cold impact of (acetylene) cylinders – a development that the BCGA is keen to emphasise.

And last but not least, the conference also presented a first of a different, greener nature – the introduction of TSC8, a new environment-focused technical committee. Hydrogen fuel cell announcements were delivered, complemented by the showcasing of a hydrogen vehicle just outside the conference room, in the Worsley suite of the Marriott Hotel & Country Club venue.

At the close of another successful event for the BCGA, it would appear as though the association is almost ‘re-awakened’ under Thornton’s stewardship; the conference has enjoyed both strong attendance and a challenging programme of subjects for the fourth consecutive year.

Closing, he exclusively embellished, “It’s great to see, because the BCGA is really making waves now. I think it’s a much more proactive organisation now, better connected with government departments, agencies and other external bodies. Today has proved that.$quot;

$quot;Now the challenge is to take that forward again next year and look forward to another reinvigorated conference in 2011.”

Full delegates will now retire briefly, before gathering again for a night of entertainment, fine cuisine and merriment, as is the customary sign-off for the BCGA’s annual conference meetings.

Read a full review of the conference in the June issue of gasworld magazine, delivered to desks from mid-May onwards...