Matheson, has announced plans to build a new helium transfill plant in Pennsylvania.

The facility will constitute Matheson's sixth helium transfill in the United States and parent company, Taiyo Nippon Sanso's, seventeenth transfill globally. A preliminary operational target has been set for December 2010, and the unit is to be constructed in Greensburg.

The transfill will be equipped to fill high pressure cylinders, tube trailers and liquid helium dewars to both end-users and distrbibutors throughout the region. The catchment area includes Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.

Howard Hubert, Senior Vice President of Matheson Packaged Gas Division, commented, $quot;The Greensburg helium transfill will strengthen Matheson's competitive position within one of our core market areas, by reducing our cost and eliminating our dependence on competitors for our helium supply.$quot;

John Bigham, Director of Product Management and Global Logistics, Matheson Global Helium, responded, $quot;The Greensburg site was selected due to its central proximity to existing and potential Matheson helium customers. Investment in the Greensburg transfill is consistent with Matheson's strategy to upgrade our helium supply capability within the company's expanding U.S. footprint.$quot;