Leading Russian petrochemical player SIBUR has completed the Pre-registration of chemicals used in export products, in line with the European Union’s radical REACH regulations.

Adhering to REACH, on 5th November 2008 SIBUR completed pre-registration of 77 chemicals used in products exported to EU member-countries.

The pre-registration allows SIBUR to continue exporting its products to the EU after 1st January 2009. Without registration no chemical would be permitted for production, importation, sale or use within the European Union.

For the companies affected, the underlying principle of REACH is therefore ‘No data – no market’.

The REACH regulations (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) came into force on 2nd June 2007, designed to regulate the production of chemicals, their marketing and all aspects of their use within the EU member -states.

Substantial repercussions will also be felt by companies in non-EU countries that export products to the European market and use chemicals and mixtures produced in Europe.

Pre-registration of chemicals began from 1st June until 1st December 2008. It is expected that the regulations will require the registration of at least 30,000 existing and new chemicals over the next few years.