Reclamation Technologies USA (RTI) has acquired DFW Refrigerant Services (DFW), an EPA-certified refrigerant service company providing reclamation, onsite recovery, cylinder exchanges and refrigerant solutions in Texas.

Formalising the purchase on Monday (Oct 25), RTI, a joint venture formed by Heritage Environmental Services and Fielding Environmental, said the acquisition highlights its commitment to refrigerants recycling. 

Refrigerant reclamation provides both a safe and affordable solution to manage spent refrigerants in compliance with applicable regulations. Recovery and reclamation of refrigerants further ensures environmental responsibility.

On the news, Rodney Pierce, Vice-President of Innovation and Technology at Heritage Environmental Services, said, “This expansion of our refrigerant platform further demonstrates our commitment to our refrigerants recycling and Ozone Depleting Substances businesses.”

“Recycling and reuse of these materials is the right thing to do, both for the environment and for customers’ bottom line. When these solutions aren’t possible, we have access to the network and expertise to ensure refrigerants are safely handled and destroyed.”

Katelyn Imrie, President of RTI and Executive Vice-President of Fielding, added, “RTI is excited to join forces with Russell Pryor, President of DFW, an industry leader who will bring his experience and wealth of knowledge to our team.”

“We’re expanding our service offering and footprint, continuing our journey to become a North American leader in refrigerant management services. Our customers can expect a tailored solution and the highest level of service, whether their gas requires reclamation, separation or destruction.”