US-based Red Mountain Energy Corporation has supplied OOO Surgutneftegas with a nitrogen air separation unit (ASU), according to the company’s press office.

The nitrogen ASU is located in Fedorovsky in the Tyumen province, 55km from Surgut in the heard of Siberia. The value of the contract exceeds $7m, gasworld understands.

The ASU was commissioned in the first half of December 2009 and now produces 2 tons of liquid nitrogen per hour from air.

The nitrogen produced by the ASU is used for the development and maintenance of oil wells as well as for other processing steps in the oil-and-gas industry.

The installation was completed in less than four months, with equipment such as compressors, cold-boxes, water cooling towers, and tanks all provided by leading world specialists such as Cameron Compression Systems, Suzhou Oxygen Plant Co., Evapco, and VRV.

OAO Surgutneftegas is the fourth largest oil company in Russia, with headquarters in Surgut. The company’s operations include the development, production and marketing not only of oil and gas, but also of oil products and oil chemicals. Surgutneftegas employs over one hundred thousand people.