Red Mountain Energy Corporation has supplied Ukrgazdobycha with 16 compressor units worth a total of $26m, according to the American-headquarted company.

Ukrgazdobycha is the main producing enterprise in the National Stock Company Naftogaz of the Ukraine and the equipment will be installed at the booster stations located in the natural gas fields in the L’vov, Poltava and Kharkov region.

According to the deal, the compressor units will be put into operation in 2010 and will increase the annual output of gas in the Ukraine by 900 million cubic meters, the statement says.

The compressor units are designed for the transportation of raw natural gas, which will be used as fuel. The equipment is needed in the gas fields to guarantee stable parameters of the gas supplied to the gas pipeline.

Red Mountain Energy has been operating in the Ukraine since 2006 and has already supplied the Ukraine with 11 compressor stations located in the western and eastern part of the country.