With its main offices in the US and Russia, the Red Mountain Energy Corporation provides an array of services for the air separation industry and is looking to the future, through its coal gasification business.

Red Mountain offers a wide range of air separation plants (ASP) covering all the basic groups of the industrial gas generators (oxygen, nitrogen, argon): low, medium, and large capacity ASP for various applications in the steel and chemical industries, oil refinery and treatment, in electronics, power generation and glass industry.
The company delivers engineering services including design, fabrication, equipment supply, project management, supervision, start-up and commissioning, personnel training and maintenance of the supplied equipment as well as turn-key solutions in the following areas:

Air Separation
Nitrogen production plants
Oxygen production plants
Plants with integrated production of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon
Cryogenic liquid storage tanks, cryogenic liquid transport trailers, liquid CO2 and NG tanks

Natural Gas Treatment and Processing
Gas treatment units (dehydration, removal of nitrogen, H2S and other contaminants)
Equipment for recovery of liquid hydrocarbons (NGL)
Equipment for associated petroleum gas utilization and flaring reduction
Small to medium Liquefied natural gas plants

Compression Technology
Reciprocating gas compressor packages (natural gas engine driven reciprocating compressors)

Denis Smyslov, President of Red Mountain Energy Corporation, observed in a statement, “The air separation industry has been dominated by several major suppliers and in my opinion, this is not in the customer’s interest because it has stifled competition and driven up prices. We have broken this mould and joined forces with Chinese air separation manufacturers to produce first class air separation units at an impressively low price which we are now marketing world wide.”

Smyslov goes on to describe the company’s policy and recipe for success as he says, “Every customer is different. We take the best resources and equipment in the world and adapt them to local needs. We have established strategic partnerships not only with leading manufacturers but also with newcomers in emerging markets, harnessing the skills and talents of young professionals from Kazan to Oxford in the interest of you, the customer.”
In terms of its outreach and network across the globe, Red Mountain has several offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China and also operates or participates in joint ventures in the United States, in Farmington, New Mexico and New York.

“Red Mountain Energy Corporation is a fast growing energy and engineering company with a global reach from China to USA. The company is aimed to supply our customers with the best engineering at the best price, and we pride ourselves on our aftermarket services. Also, in everything we do we are conscious of the need to make better use of energy resources,” Smyslov says.

Indeed it is looking to the future and making better use of energy resources that inspires the company’s focus and direction, as one of the key industries for Red Mountain is now coal gasification. The gasification process converts any carbon-containing material (crude oil, high sulfur fuel oil, petroleum coke, and other refinery residuals) into a synthesis gas composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which can be used as a fuel to generate electricity or steam or used as a basic chemical building block for a large number of uses in the petrochemical and refining industries. Coal derived natural gas can be produced at a definitive cost and purchasers can elect to buy gas for a known price over a long period of time. This technology is currently used all over the world, mostly in China, where about 30 gasification plants are already operating.

“At Red Mountain we identify inefficiency and waste and, in the interests of our customers, we come up with more environmentally sound energy solutions.”

Denis Smyslov
Denis graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in 1989. After graduation spent almost 15 years in investment management business. Since 2004 Denis is a Senior Vise-President of Red Mountain Energy Corp, an American corporation specialized on investments into engineering companies and projects in the field of air seaparation, natural and other industrial gases in the USA, CIS countries, China and India. Since 2007 – Chairman of the Board and Senior Vice-President of CBM Partners Inc.