CGON Ltd, manufacturer of the hydrogen (H2) on-demand advanced emission reducing system, presents the advanced ezero1.

The pre-combustion system provides a sustainable solution which can enhance green credentials, reduce emission levels and improve efficiency of any vehicle.

How it works

By adding a small amount of the H2 produced by the patented technology in CGON’s units, combustion is enhanced when H2 atoms migrate between the fuel molecules. This means that nearly all of the fuel is burnt and fewer emissions or particulates are expelled into the air.

The product has been successfully laboratory tested by the approved Government testing facility Millbrook; also in real road conditions by leading independent testing providers Emissions Analytics, establishing emission reducing capabilities for all emissions including the extremely hard to reduce ultra-fine particles by up to 80%; these life-threatening particles have previously evaded all reduction attempts.

CGON Ltd and Morgan Motor Company have formed a collaborative partnership to reduce the emissions of Morgan motor cars, both from factory delivered vehicles and retro fit.

Graham Chapman Technology Director, Morgan Motor Company, said, “We have been testing CGON’s ezero1 product over the recent months and have found a significant difference in both emission levels and miles per gallon (MPG).”; we are pleased to be working with CGON who will help to provide a greener and leaner solution to our vehicle in conjunction with other activities. We are hopeful that the product will become part of our products in the near future leading to saving in CO2 and fuel consumption for our customers.”

The Ezero1

The Ezero1

Source: CGON