A hydrogen fuelling station for the refilling of fuel cell vehicles has been opened in the heart of South Korea, with around 200 dignitaries in attendance for the opening ceremony.

Located in the capital city, Seoul, it is the first time that a hydrogen fuel station has been set-up in the metropolitan area, according to GS Caltex and the government.

Refiner GS Caltex held a ceremony for the completion of its hydrogen fuel station, where hydrogen is produced, stored and used for fuel cell motor vehicles. Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Kim Young-ju, GS Caltex chairman and CEO Hur Dong-Soo and Yonsei University president Jung Chang-Young were all present at the completion ceremony.

Dong-soo commented, “We will continue to do this business with a sense of duty, though we cannot expect much profit from it.”

Up to 8.5bn won was invested, including 4bn won of government money, in the construction of the station at Yonsei University’s Shinchon Campus.

It is estimated that almost a quarter of South Korea’s entire population lives in the Seoul National Capital Area and it is reported that the country plans to put a dozen more hydrogen stations into operation on a trial basis until the end of 2007.

South Korea’s first hydrogen fueling station opened in August 2006 at the Korea Institute of Energy Research in Daejeon.